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flea-control-in-burlington-ncFlea Extermination in Burlington

Did you just find out your pet has fleas? Go-Forth Pest Control in Burlington can help control the flea issue in your home. Even though your pet was treated, they are most likely still in your home.

Our technicians know to target the areas fleas like to hide in your home. They use chemicals that are kid and pet friendly. Call Go-Forth or click to get a free quote on your flea extermination today.




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Flea Facts

Fleas attach to their hosts and feed off their blood. They leave red, itchy marks on humans and animals. They are known to hide on your pets but can be found on your furniture, carpet, and even travel to your car seats. Even if your pet gets treated by a professional, they could still be hiding in your home and reattach to them. Fleas are known to cause Heartworm in pets which can be deadly in some cases.

Fleas travel and reproduce fast so get Go-Forth Pest Control to help with your flea extermination in Burlington today.

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