Hornet and Wasp Control

Eliminate Wasps, Yellow Jackets & Hornets With Pest Control Service from Go-Forth

Hornet-and-Wasp-ControlWasps, hornets and other stinging insects tend to be aggressive pests, scavenging for food wherever they can find it and delivering painful and even life-threatening stings.

At Go-Forth Pest Control, our NC pest control technicians have successfully eliminated a variety of stinging insects in homes around the Triad, including wasps, hornets, bees, yellow jackets and more. We are proud to specialize in wasp, yellow jacket and hornet control, trapping and removal, using the latest extermination techniques and technology to eliminate stinging insects in and around your home.

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If possible, Go-Forth Pest Control’s Greensboro and Winston-Salem extermination professionals will relocate these pests without harming them.

Read about our My Elite and My Elite Plus services, which include coverage for stinging insects like hornets, yellow jackets and wasps. Don’t wait for your pest problem to get out of hand – call Go-Forth Pest Control today!

Advanced Pest Control

  • Pest control coverage: ants, spiders, crickets, mice, rats, millipedes, centipedes, fleas, flying/stinging insects nesting in or around your home(hornets, wasps, yellow jackets)
  • Does not include bed bugs or wood-destroying organisms/termites*
  • Covers all outdoor & indoor living spaces, including porches, patios, decks, outbuildings, garages, playgrounds and more
  • Bi-monthly treatment schedule with no-hassle automatic monthly or annual credit card billing
  • Top priority appointments designed around your schedule
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! Additional services in-between your normal services as needed for no extra charge
Service Plan Overview

You’ll also receive customized, priority service with My Elite unlike anything you’ve ever experienced from a pest control company before. Your appointment will happen when you need it, not in order of when you called, and our Triad-area pest control technicians will happily schedule your appointments in a way that works for you and your lifestyle.

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Complete Pest Control

  • Includes all the benefits of our My Elite service package*, PLUS
  • Mosquito, tick, fire ant, flea and ornamental pest reduction in your yard
  • Year-round coverage – even throughout the winter months!
  • Additional monthly services during the summer months for mosquito control and more
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! Additional services in-between your normal services as needed for no extra charge
Service Plan Overview

With Go-Forth Pest Control’s My Elite Plus service plan, you’ll receive comprehensive pest reduction for mosquitoes, ticks, fire ants, fleas and other ornamental pests that often find a home in your yard – no other service, offered by anyone in Greensboro, Winston-Salem or the greater Triad area, will include this level of coverage!

My Elite Plus is also perfect for seasonal pest problems – we offer our total pest control coverage throughout the winter months, as well as an additional level of service during summer for pests like mosquitoes, fire ants and more.