The weevil which is in the Curculionoidea super family, is a very small beetle measuring to only about 6 mm to 10 mm. They have over 60,000 families of species and a very similar species the beetle.  One large difference between the typical beetle and a weevil is that the weevil has a snout, that can be up to the size of their own bodies! The weevil is known to be a dark color typically a brown to black color. These pest are known to kill crops, especially corn. 


The weevil can often be seen inhabiting the same or similar areas of the beetles. Two common types to destroy crops are the cotton boll weevil which destroys cotton and the wheat weevil damaging stored grain. The cotton boll weevil will attack cotton crops and lay their eggs in the plants, the larvae eventually eating their way out.The weevil’s egg will take about three weeks fully developed and grow in a boll or square like structure. Weevil has also been known to invade the home some attack in the fall, while the others will make their way in the summer when it’s hot. In the home they will inhabit dry foods such as grains, nuts and cereal. The weevil can possibly spread the e. coli infection or other harmful diseases if they come in contact with food products.

Elimination and Control

If your home shows any type of weevil infestation, it is best to remove any contaminated products in your pantry immediately! After these items are disposed of take all items for kitchen, cabinets and shelves vacuuming shelves to remove any leftover flour or bits of food. These creatures will make their way through small cracks or openings in home so make sure they are sealed properly to prevent further infestation. When the weevil invades they will also crawl on the walls, window seals, and furniture. You can use a vacuum to get these creatures up and away but make sure to empty the vacuum outside so they cannot make their way back in. To prevent the weevils from invading the pantry or kitchen freezing or heating food products to preserve the items. Also clean pantry and kitchen preventing any future weevil infestations. Check out our pest control services to prevent Weevils and many other pests from invading your home.

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