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Feel confident we have experience doing ant extermination, we have been in the area since 1959, we have decades of experience exterminating ants and  many other pests problems like termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, roaches, rodents, etc. We definitely have the experience needed to exterminate any type of ant infestation, besides experience we also have affordable plans and even provide same day service.


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Ants are among the most common household pests. The way of life and adaptability of ants make them quite difficult to eradicate. Even with professional ant control services and ant exterminators, it is important to know some basic things about ants that will make their control process easier. We bring some things you should know about ants in preventing their entry and controlling their invasion.

Ants live in colonies
Ants are social insects, and they live in colonies. Their colonies are divided into castes which perform specific functions. There is the queen who births all the other castes. There are also the workers, soldiers, and drones. It is important to note this because every stray ant you notice in or around your home is part of a colony. The colonies are usually located in deep-seated locations which may be impossible to find without professional ant exterminators. The castes of ants most commonly found roaming are the soldiers and workers. The soldiers guard the colony while the workers search for food and bring it back home for the rest of the colony.

Ants are cannibals
As part of their survival strategy, ants eat the bodies of dead members of their colonies. So if you apply a chemical bait that is mixed with an edible material, it is best you leave the dead ants. This will result in a higher efficacy of the chemical substance applied because other members of the colony will feed on the carcass of those initially affected.
This is necessary for homemade baits because the other members of the colony will carry the carcasses home. The carcasses when eaten will then increase the impact of the bait.

There are different kinds of ants
This is a tip that cannot be overemphasized in the control of ants. Although they are generally known as ants, the types vary. This also results in a variation in the control methods. An experienced ant exterminator knows the difference between the types of ants and the best ways to eradicate each type.Some of the most common types of ants are odorous ant, fire ant, army ant, acrobat ant, field ant, and carpenter ant. The different environmental conditions favor specific types of ants.
Although there are general ant control methods, control activities targeted at the different types are more effective.

Ants are very mobile
When they sense trouble, ants can relocate in the shortest time. This is one of their survival strategies. As soon as they notice that a certain location is not comfortable, they relocate either by boring into deeper parts or shifting base completely. Ants can easily relocate because as the workers roam they also look for more suitable locations in case of trouble.
In conclusion, the control of ants requires a knowledge of their biology and way of life. For large-scale ant invasions, professional ant control services are always the best bet. However, there are several DIY methods for controlling ants and preventing subsequent invasions.

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