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Do you have rodents in your home or office in Clemmons? Go-Forth Pest Control of Winston-Salem can help exterminate your problem right away. Rodents not only contaminate your home, but they can bring in diseases and other pests.

At Go-Forth, we are trained to look for rodent hiding spots in your home. We will make sure we find the source or nest of the rodent problem and eliminate it. Call Go-Forth today or click to get a free quote now on your rodent extermination service.


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Rodent Facts

Rodents like to hide in your walls and even furniture. Once they find a food source, they start to build their own home to reproduce. A rodent infestation can happen quickly without you even knowing. If the rodents can hide easily, it is hard to control it on your own. If you notice droppings or small holes in your food containers, you probably have a rodent problem. Not only do they destroy your stuff, but they can also carry around diseases with them. They have also been known to carry pests on them like ticks and fleas.

A rodent’s teeth will never stop growing which can be dangerous in the long run. With this, they can easily cause huge damages which can be problematic to your property and family. Their large teeth can gnaw on your belongings most especially on things where you usually hide your food.

Rodents don’t only damage your property, but they also bring illnesses to you and your family. They can quickly spread diseases to everyone specifically 35 viruses which are risky to the health. Some of the diseases they carry are Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis and more. They can spread those horrifying diseases through their urine, bites, wastes, and saliva.

Rodents can also bring other pests inside your home or offices like ticks and fleas. With this, they can easily extend their infestation with the help of other pests which are also carriers of diseases: more pests, more chances of getting sick.

Pests like rodents should not be kept, but they should be kicked out of your property for good. They don’t only create damages, but they can make you and your family sick once contaminated. Call an exterminator who can eliminate them.


Save those collections of treats by keeping your home away from rodent infestation.

How We Eliminate Rodents

Rodents can be aggressive once triggered which will lead them to cause damages and infestation. With this, you will be bothered by them every day. Here in Go-Forth, your rodent, insects, pests, and bugs problems will be resolved instantly.

We have an experienced exterminator who can perform pest control services which suit your needs. Our company follows the right protocols and ensures that appropriate treatments are used which are useful in eliminating rodents.

Our company assures that once we perform rodent control in your property, no damages will be incurred instead you will receive satisfying results which you will not experience from others.

When rodents are just beginning to infest your property, immediately call Go-Forth. We will stop the infestation to spread like wildfire through our high-quality pest control services.

Rodent Company Near Me

We are a local rodent control company near you in Clemmons. We help our customers in eliminating those rodents, insects, pests, and bugs pestering their homes. We also serve our customers in local areas. Call us today!

Don’t let rodents take over your home or office. Get Go-Forth to help with your rodent extermination in Clemmons today.

Our Google Reviews

The service was done thoroughly, covering the entire yard and focusing on the areas where the insects were being found in the past days. Inside the house the service was done carefully, silently and precisely.Overall, it was a perfect job!
Bruno Cerqueira
Bruno Cerqueira
15:57 11 Mar 19
Very fast service... Tech is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about her job... Great people... Will continue to use for many years...
James Coody
James Coody
23:17 27 Jun 17
Love the work you all do! Kerry is awesome, he does a great job every time he comes out!
Casey Powell
Casey Powell
14:25 15 Aug 18
The lady that came and the service was very nice and thorough with her work. I would highly recommended this company to everyone.
Kelcie Ireland
Kelcie Ireland
01:26 07 Mar 17
Goforth got Ben, the manager, out to my house on the same day I called, and Christine, the specialist, arrived the next business day. Ben was flexible about making it clear my target pests were covered. Then,great service, when a new pest appeared, Christine arrived within half an hour and put control measures in place immediately, even though that kept her at work late on a day when she had family obligations. Go Goforth!
Kay House
Kay House
13:03 23 Apr 17
I called and spoke with Tim because my son was mowing and hit a nest of bees. He was stung several times. After looking at the calendar he asked if I could hold a moment. When he came back on the line he said a senior rep Din would be here in 20 minutes. Reasonable priced and took care of the issue. Thank you so much for your prompt service. Will be doing my contract with the home town guys at Go-Forth Pest and Lawn.
Sue Peterson
Sue Peterson
21:06 08 Jul 16
I cannot tell you how impressed I am with Go Forth, especially with our service technician Nick! He is professional and competent about the products they offer. My husband is terrified of mice and Nick came through for us! Nick was super thorough and was able to catch a termite problem before it made it to the framework of our home. Thanks Go Forth and thank you Nick!
Brooke Deaton
Brooke Deaton
18:28 06 Jun 18
They took on a huge project when other local companies refused. I am so appreciative of the dedication they have shown us.
Bridget Robertson
Bridget Robertson
13:50 14 Feb 17
From the first phone call to the day of treatment GoForth was professional, courteous and helpful. Kerry was great, he did a thorough and excellent job treating my home, as well as informing me of other treatments that may be needed in the future. GoForth and their staff made things easy, and for that I’m grateful.
Julie Hill
Julie Hill
14:19 05 Oct 18
Kenneth is the best!! I’ve never used an exterminator service before and was a little nervous about what to expect. He was patient, kind, and extremely professional. So glad I chose Go Forth!
Courtney Eagle
Courtney Eagle
16:59 07 Aug 18
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