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Do you have rodents in your home or office in Clemmons? Go-Forth Pest Control of Winston-Salem can help exterminate your problem right away. Rodents not only contaminate your home, but they can bring in diseases and other pests.

At Go-Forth, we are trained to look for rodent hiding spots in your home. We will make sure we find the source or nest of the rodent problem and eliminate it. Call Go-Forth today or click to get a free quote now on your rodent extermination service.


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Rodent Facts

Rodents like to hide in your walls and even furniture. Once they find a food source, they start to build their own home to reproduce. A rodent infestation can happen quickly without you even knowing. If the rodents can hide easily, it is hard to control it on your own. If you notice droppings or small holes in your food containers, you probably have a rodent problem. Not only do they destroy your stuff, but they can also carry around diseases with them. They have also been known to carry pests on them like ticks and fleas.

A rodent’s teeth will never stop growing which can be dangerous in the long run. With this, they can easily cause huge damages which can be problematic to your property and family. Their large teeth can gnaw on your belongings most especially on things where you usually hide your food.

Rodents don’t only damage your property, but they also bring illnesses to you and your family. They can quickly spread diseases to everyone specifically 35 viruses which are risky to the health. Some of the diseases they carry are Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis and more. They can spread those horrifying diseases through their urine, bites, wastes, and saliva.

Rodents can also bring other pests inside your home or offices like ticks and fleas. With this, they can easily extend their infestation with the help of other pests which are also carriers of diseases: more pests, more chances of getting sick.

Pests like rodents should not be kept, but they should be kicked out of your property for good. They don’t only create damages, but they can make you and your family sick once contaminated. Call an exterminator who can eliminate them.


Save those collections of treats by keeping your home away from rodent infestation.

How We Eliminate Rodents

Rodents can be aggressive once triggered which will lead them to cause damages and infestation. With this, you will be bothered by them every day. Here in Go-Forth, your rodent, insects, pests, and bugs problems will be resolved instantly.

We have an experienced exterminator who can perform pest control services which suit your needs. Our company follows the right protocols and ensures that appropriate treatments are used which are useful in eliminating rodents.

Our company assures that once we perform rodent control in your property, no damages will be incurred instead you will receive satisfying results which you will not experience from others.

When rodents are just beginning to infest your property, immediately call Go-Forth. We will stop the infestation to spread like wildfire through our high-quality pest control services.

Rodent Company Near Me

We are a local rodent control company near you in Clemmons. We help our customers in eliminating those rodents, insects, pests, and bugs pestering their homes. We also serve our customers in local areas. Call us today!

Don’t let rodents take over your home or office. Get Go-Forth to help with your rodent extermination in Clemmons today.

Our Google Reviews

Extremely friendly and good at what they do. Had a black widow infestation, and now the are all gone. Highly recommended.
Marshall Casey
Marshall Casey
15:43 28 Feb 17
Wonderful experience dealing with Go-Forth for the past year. Everyone was very helpful from the initial phone call to the last. Our wasp/hornet issue was identified and controlled within the first 2 services. All technicians were knowledgeable, proficient and patient. Other issues were identified and stabilized throughout the year. I would not hesitate to recommend or utilize these services again.
Harvey Rison
Harvey Rison
18:54 26 Oct 17
I have been in contact with Go Forth for a few months checking for services! Eric has been wonderful and patient with me! I start my services with them next week! He explain everything in layman terms and was ready to answer any questions I had. I felt like he was on the phone for me! I was also impressed that he switched to a secure line to take my payment information. I think this might the start of a beautiful relationship! !
Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams
17:55 08 Nov 16
The lady that came and the service was very nice and thorough with her work. I would highly recommended this company to everyone.
Kelcie Ireland
Kelcie Ireland
01:26 07 Mar 17
Chrissy was very helpful and informative. She does a great job! I would recommend her anytime!
Heidi Losselyong
Heidi Losselyong
16:31 15 Sep 17
I called because there was an animal in my wall. They sent someone out same day! He looked around, addressed the situation and texted a couple days later to make sure everything was still okay.We signed up for the annual plan and Nich comes out every month and takes care of our house. When I saw another critter , once again he was out same day and checked on us until the issue was resolved.Living against a vacant lot - wild animals are a fact of life. But thanks to GoForth Pest Control we don’t have to share our home with them.
Christina Hussey
Christina Hussey
00:43 18 May 18
Had a great experience with Nich who treated my house. Very friendly and answered all my questions. Company has good communication and can address pest issues promptly. Accepts online payments.
erin ryan
erin ryan
16:15 04 Feb 19
This is our third month with Go-Forth and we are totally pleased with the service we've received. From the first phone call to schedule until now, it has been a great experience. The customer service people are friendly and efficient. Nick, our designated pest guy, is fabulous. Our yellowjackets disappeared after the first treatment and our mice problem has diminished significantly. Nick pays attention to detail and leaves nothing undone. It doesn't hurt that he has a very warm, engaging, and endearing personality. He also talks in terms that I can understand. Thanks to Go-Forth for taking care of us!
Heidi Tufte
Heidi Tufte
15:12 06 Jun 18
Quick service. Rechecked in less than 24 hours. Assures me they are only a phone call or text away if problems persist. Chrissy is very personable. End result of yellow jacket infestation being under control is still to be determined. Happy to have them working on our problem.
Teresa West
Teresa West
15:29 29 Sep 17
I wasn't sure who to use. I tried Angie's list and only one company contacted me after a made several calls and had a company coming out to inspect. Eric Hernandez replied to my email from the web site. So other company came and Eric understood was friendly and write if I needed him to get back in touch. Other company gave me a very high price. So I made more calls and reached out to Eric again gave him phone number and we talked gave me a quote that was much lower than other guy. Still wasn't sure so I researched Eric's company and finally made my decision. To use them.
21:39 02 Jan 18
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