Columbia My Elite Plus

All-Inclusive Pest Control in Columbia = My Elite Plus

This is the perfect plan to get total coverage from flying, stinging, and crawling insects in Columbia, SC.

Our technicians at Go-Forth Pest Control of Columbia can service in the surrounding areas like Irmo, Lexington, West Columbia, Camden, and more!

Columbia My Elite Plus Details

Pests Included:











Yellow Jackets



Fire Ants

*Against main structure

Ornamental Pest Reduction

Pests Not Included:

Does not include bed bugs or wood-destroying organisms/termites*

Year-Round Coverage:

Even throughout the winter months

Additional Monthly Services:

Additional monthly services during the summer months for mosquito control and more

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Additional services in-between your normal services as needed for no extra charge

Columbia Pest Control Can Help

my-elite-plus-columbiaThe My Elite Plus is the best plan to keep all different kinds of pests off your property including mosquitoes. Go-Forth Pest Control of Columbia will make sure this plan is customized to your pest needs and your home becomes pest-free.

The Columbia technicians will treat the problem areas in your home and answer any questions you may have about your service. This service allows you to have additional treatments at no extra cost when bugs might be more frequent, like during the summer months.

Our technicians are trained and will answer any questions you may have about the service. We want to make each of our customers happy with their pest control.


Interested in signing up with the My Elite Plus and be bug-free?

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