Bed Bug Control in Jamestown NC

bed-bug-control-in-jamestown-ncBed Bug Exterminator in Jamestown

Do you suspect you have bed bugs in Jamestown, NC? Go-Forth Pest Control can give you the peace of mind by exterminating them. Bed bugs can travel to other places besides your bed so it is important to get an inspection right away.

At Go-Forth, we will inspect the situation and find where your bed bugs may be hiding. They have been known to live in beds, luggage, night stands, head boards, and even on the walls of your bedroom. Call today or click to get a free quote now on your bed bug extermination.


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Bed Bug Facts

When bed bugs bite you, they inject a numbing chemical so you won’t notice the bite till later. They are nocturnal which is why they seem to feed when you are asleep in your bed. They can go months without feeding, so even though you think they are gone they might just be hiding. Their bites can cause itchy rashes and even allergic reactions in some cases. If you have just returned from a trip make sure you check your luggage and clothes before you unpack to see if these nasty pests have traveled back home with you.

Go-Forth has a lot of experience getting rid of these bugs. Let us help you with your bed bug extermination in Jamestown today.







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