Christmas is a month away and America is getting ready with their colorful Christmas decors. One of the best and most common designs to put up our Christmas lights to illuminate the environment and fill it with joy. 

There are different types of Christmas types that we need to know about. Some might ask, how much do Christmas lights cost? How to install it properly?  Does leaving it all night safe?  Having pertinent information about these lights will allow people to determine which type is more appropriate to the site, to the circuit, and of course, to the budget.  

Here are some of the most common lights used for Christmas decorations:

Christmas tree lights 

On average, Christmas tree lights consist of 100 mini lights in one set. This can be purchased at your local hardware stores and department stores. According to the census, these lights usually cost $50 to $300 depending on the coverage and the type of bulbs. 

Typically, these lights consume about 45 watts per strand. Compared to the others, this is cheaper.  The advantage of using Christmas tree light is you can use it in more areas than the tree itself. You can use it for your patio, your fences, and walls. But be cautious in purchasing lights if you plan to use it outdoors. Make sure that it is water-resistant. 

Outdoor String Lights


Outdoors string lights will surely make your house pop with festivity. You can install these on your patio, windows, roof, and fences. 100 bulbs of this light consume about 500 watts of energy. Just like Christmas tree lights installation, string lights can be costly especially if the coverage is wide. But you can purchase these for at least $20 per strand depending on the size, length, and bulb. 

Outdoor Tree Lights

These lights are more expensive than the other since it requires a higher standard on the bulbs and wires. Plus, it requires a wider coverage if you’re planning to decorate several trees in your yard. According to experts, it takes at least 20,000 lights to cover a 20-foot tree. The multi-colored lights usually consume 175 watts per 25 watts. So, if you have 80 strands, each tree could consume 14,000 watts. 

Icicle Lights

According to experts, a strand of icicle lights consists of 95 bulbs. It usually consumes about 6056 watts. If you plan to use it to line your gutters, it could consume around 18,168 watts which is almost the same as washing 50 loads of laundry. Icicle lights usually cost 20 to 100 dollars per pack, depending on the number of strings. 

Indeed, Christmas lights can bring solace and comfort to our homes. But we need to think more than just its beauty. There are many factors that can affect the quality and functionality of these lights. We need to make sure that we can handle it in case of emergencies. 

When you are planning to safely install Christmas lights, make sure that you take into consideration the power it consumes and its impact on your monthly bill. If you’re planning on going cheap, make sure that the quality is as good and as efficient. There is a reason why markets sell their products so cheap. These could be the main causes of house fires at Christmas time. It’s best to consult with experts and make sure that the products meet the American National Standards. 

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