Lyme disease is an infection caused by ticks. Basically, it’s not actually the ticks itself that give a person the Lyme disease – giving bacteria. But it’s the bacteria being carried by the ticks because of how they latch on from different hosts to another. Lyme disease tests actually look for blood infections at first or any infections or foreign substances to the cerebrospinal fluid of a person.

This type of disease can easily be gotten from an infected tick that bites you. While these little pests can basically bite you from anywhere in your body, they usually dwell in places that are hidden from light and will keep them hidden like the groin, scalp, armpit and other parts of your body. Since they are so small, they may look a lot like a little spec of dirt in which you may not have any clue that it’s already a tick on your skin already!

If an infected tick’s bite grows untreated, the effects of Lyme disease can be a way for a patient to face more serious health problems affecting once heart, joints and even a person’s central nervous system. But if a person is diagnosed with Lyme disease in its early stages, the infection can easily be cured within after a few weeks of taking in antibiotics specifically for the infection.

Although, before a Doctor is able to give any medicinal prescriptions for the disease a patient is suffering, a specific type of tests and laboratory exams need to be done first in order to make sure that a proper diagnosis is concluded.

A patient may benefit a Lyme disease test if they are suffering from different types of symptoms. Frankly, the first few symptoms for Lyme disease usually happens between the first three to thirty days after a tick has bitten a victim. The signs usually include: muscle aches, headache, chills, fatigue, fever and skin rashes.

There are also opt for a Lyme disease test even if you have not posed any of the symptoms specified above but have done the following for the past few days: removed a tick from your body, have been exposed to wooden areas or natural habitats for ticks without any skin repellents and have visited some parts of the world known to have the most number of Lyme disease cases.

Ultimately, the type of test that needs to be done in order to determine a Lyme Disease is done with a blood test and any extraction of fluids from the body. This test will determine whether your blood is amenable to another blood test if it’s positive in the first test and if not, then it simply means that a patient is not carrying Lyme Disease.

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