Roaches in Greensboro Home

Roaches in Greensboro Home

Roaches in Your Greensboro HomeRoaches can be found in any household. They are attracted to dark and moist areas which could include cardboard boxes and underneath wood panels.

Most roaches are about the size of a thumbnail, but can reach up to 3.5 inches. They usually have a small head and larger body that is a darker color like reddish-brown. Their two large eyes allows them to have excellent vision and they use their antenna to sense where they are going in their environment. It’s exoskeleton has a protective layer that enables it to be waterproof. These pests can fly and land on any surface in order to breed and feed in its environment.

Roaches are able to withstand harsh weather temperatures which allows them to be prevalent in both hot and cold times of the year. Their behavior involves grouping together when they find a food source that will be sufficient for their daily nutrients. Once one roach discovers a new food source it signals to its fellow roaches to join and start a breeding ground. With this being said, it is important to keep surfaces dry and clean from any food sources including bacterial matter. Roaches can feed on anything from regular food like bread to dead insects and soiled clothes. However, there are wood-eating roaches that can be detrimental to foundations and materials you may have on your property.

If you believe these pests are inhabiting your house or place of business in Greensboro, NC call a pest control center immediately. When you buy exterminator products from the store it only stops the current problem. If you get a pest treatment it can stop the problem and prevent it from happening again.

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