If there is one creature that can send chills to your spine or will frighten you, that would be roaches. This insect is so scary that having them in your property will disturb you and will worry you a lot. Roaches are not simple insects, but they are also pests. They are household pests and you can never run away from them.

Roaches are pesky and when they invade homes, they come in big groups. Food is one of the reasons why they come into the business and residential properties. From foods consumed by humans down to papers, roaches can eat everything and with this, they will not spare anything. Aside from food searching, roaches also come because they need moisture and shelter that they can call home. 

Having roaches is alarming because they can be a threat to you and your family. They are not only property invaders, but they are carriers of diseases as well. They can trigger asthma so if anyone in your family is asthmatic, it is not best to have roaches. To avoid any problems associated with roaches, what you need is pest control.

Today, professionals are not the only ones that perform pest control, but you can do it on your own too. DIY pest control is popular because it is cheaper and easy to do. You practically do not need the help of experts which can be more expensive. One of the pest control products used for roaches by property owners is foggers.

Fogging your house for roaches is a question that everyone would want to have an answer. Some people say that foggers are good while others doubt its power. 

If you plan to fog your house for roaches, here are the things you need to know.  This will avoid you from regrets in the end.

What are Foggers?

Are you not familiar with foggers? Well, foggers or for others bug bombs are pesticides that you can apply in an isolated room. You place the foggers on areas where pests are usually present. These bug bombs will release pesticides hence will kill the ones around the surfaces. There are foggers intended for roaches, bed bugs, fleas, and ticks. You choose what you need depending on the pest you have at home. You can purchase it easily as these are available in the market.

When you activate foggers, it will do its work by releasing pesticides in your property. You can fog one room, or an entire house and the number of cans needed will depend on the size of the treated area. If you have a small house, you only have a few foggers. But, if your house is too big, use several to ensure that all roaches in your property get the treatment. That’s why pest crawling on the surfaces will be killed and you can resolve your pest problem quickly.

Do Roach Foggers Work?

Some people would question the effectiveness of foggers on roaches. You don’t want to spend money on something that won’t work as it is only a waste of cash. Well, roach foggers do work but not all the time. It can kill the roaches found on the surface. However, the problem with the pest is, it hides on cracks and crevices that foggers cannot reach. You can only kill a few ones while the others will still be alive since the pesticide didn’t reach them. The effectiveness of foggers will not give you any assurance that your roach problems are gone.

Moreover, foggers on roaches may not work because the pests have already adapted to the pesticides used on them. They are already immune so if you choose the ones that the pest can resist, it will be useless. Nonetheless, if you want to get rid of roaches found on the surface, foggers can work but don’t expect the best results.

Are Foggers Dangerous?

Since foggers are pesticides in canisters, you should know that these can be dangerous. Everyone wants to safely remove roaches. But if you decide to use foggers, you should know that it has lingering dangers. Foggers contain chemicals that can be dangerous to humans and animals. The contents of roach bombs may cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, or other illnesses to your family and pets. So before you activate the roach bomb, let your children and pets leave the treated area. 

Also, you have to know that foggers are flammable. If you don’t unplug your appliances or turn off pilot lights or anything that can cause fire, you may lose your property. You should know that your furniture can also be damaged when foggers are used because the chemicals can permeate into your chairs, sofas, tables, and more. Applying foggers for roaches is fine but you need to know that you also have to be responsible because of the dangers it can bring to you, your family, pets, and property.

If you want to get rid of roaches for good, it is best to let a roach exterminator do the work for you.

What to Consider in Using Roach Foggers?

Though foggers are the easiest, cheapest, and most ideal pest control method today, there are still things to consider before you resort to this pest control product.


One thing to consider before you decide to use foggers for roaches is safety. You need to know that roach bombs are not safe to use because of the chemicals it contains. Pesticides will cover the surfaces in your house and if you and your family contacted it, your health will be at risk. Also, foggers or roach bombs are flammable so you know what can happen if you are careless in applying a fogger.


Efficiency is another thing to consider in roach foggers or bombs. Though it can kill roaches or pests on the surface, the ones hiding will remain thriving. Roaches hiding in the dark areas will not be reaches so your problem will never leave. Untreated roaches will continue to infest even if you have already bombed your home so you need to know that only ones visible or on the surface are treated but the ones in cracks and crevices will continue to live.


Foggers are inexpensive yet can be costly because you may have to buy a lot until you find the right one for your property. Doing DIY roach control can trouble you since you have to purchase different products for you to solve your roach problem. You can also spend more money when you use foggers when one of your family members or your pets has been exposed to the pesticide. Since roach bombs are not friendly to use, inhaling the chemicals may need medical attention.

These are the things you need to consider before you use foggers on roaches. If you want an effective, money-saving, and safe way of removing roaches in your house, hiring a roach exterminator is the best answer.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Roaches

If you do not want to use foggers, there are other ways you can eliminate them and some of these are safe.

  • Deprive roaches of water for them to not thrive. Keep your sinks and surfaces dry always and repair water leaks to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Remove food sources as roaches will keep on foraging for food. When they can not find food to eat, they will leave your property and find another place to infest. Store all foods properly, wash dirty dishes, throw garbage, and remove any possible food for roaches like cardboards, glue, shampoo, etc.
  • Caulk entry points to keep the pest out. From cracks down to crawl spaces, everything should be sealed so that roaches will not be able to enter your home.

In eliminating roaches, you can use foggers, but you need to keep in mind that only the ones on the surface are treated. If you want to keep the pest out for good, foggers are not enough so you still need the help of professionals. Foggers are not the only ones you can use to resolve your roach problems. You can use other ways to get rid of the pest without putting your safety at risk. If you want total elimination of roaches, professionals like Go-Forth Pest Control should be called right away.

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