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Get Termite Protection With Sentricon in Wilmington

Go-Forth Pest Control of Wilmington uses Sentricon stations around your home to bait the termites away from it. The great thing about these stations is they are protecting your home 24/7. Our termite technicians will make sure they place the stations in the correct place to make sure the termites are controlled on your property.

Our termite technicians are trained to know about termites and where they like to hide. They will make sure you understand everything they are doing to your property and that you are happy with your termite coverage.


5 Steps If You Suspect A Termite Attack

Get Expert Help


It takes a pest management professional to know termite behavior — their telltale signs and the damage they leave behind. Better call in Go-Forth.

Identify The Enemy


Can’t tell if they’re ants or termites? Among other things, ants have a narrow waist and termites have straight antennae. But try to collect one to aid in identifying it.

Know Your Options.


The Sentricon® System works 24/7, while liquid termite treatments get less effective over time. Sentricon is in tune with what termites like, and research shows that termites actually prefer the bait over wood!

Conquer The Queen.


As long as there’s a termite queen, there’s a termite colony. And if there’s a colony, there’s a threat to your property. Kill the queen. Kill her subjects. Crumble her colony.

Take Action.


Clogged gutters, dead tree stumps and mulch piled against your home leave out the welcome mat for termites.

Completely Safe. Completely Effective.

Sentricon Benefits

Sentricon Benefits

“The Sentricon System with Always Active technology begins the termite colony elimination process without delay and offers continuous property protection from termites”

Easy To Live With


No drilling in floors and foundations

No extensive digging or trenching in the landscape and other areas around a home

No chemical solution injected in the ground under and around a home

No tank trucks of chemical solution

Reviews From Our Termite Control Customers

Wilmington Termite Control

Our termite team at Go-Forth Pest Control of Wilmington is trained and will work efficiently to make sure your house is protected from termites. They will evaluate where the stations need to be and give you the pest termite protection in Wilmington, NC.

They can provide termite protections to areas near Wilmington like Wrightsboro, Murrayville, Ogden, Kirkland, Silver Lake, and more.

We are proud to offer a retreatment warranty for termite treatments and a damage-repair warranty for eligible homes.

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