Go-Forth Bed Bug Agreement Without Payment Plan – 3-17-17

Customer Bed Bug Treatment Requirements

  • The customer agrees to adhere to the following treatment requirements throughout the treatment
  • Prior to the initial inspection: customer must strip infested rooms of bed linens, stack nightstand
    and dresser drawers in the floor and pull furniture out from the walls.
  •  Following the first treatment: approved, properly-fitting cloth mattress and boxspring encasements
    must be placed on the mattress and boxspring. For an additional cost Go-Forth can provide and
    install these encasements immediately after the first treatment, or you may purchase them on
    your own.
  •  Prior to all treatments:
     Go-Forth must be granted access to the entire property being treated
     All clutter must be removed so that Go-Forth can have adequate access to treatment areas
     All bedding (includes sheets, pillowcases, shams, bed skirt, mattress cover, comforter,
    etc.), boxspring batting, and curtains must be removed from the bed and windows prior to
    treatment. They must be washed and dried during the treatment. They cannot be placed
    back on the bed or windows after the treatment until they have been washed and dried
     All people and animals must vacate the residence during the treatment and for at least 4
    hours after the treatment. Should it be necessary for everyone to be out longer than 4
    hours following the treatment, Go-Forth will let the customer know upon the initial
     The customer must vacuum all floors prior to the treatment. Vacuum cleaner bags must be
    disposed of outside in a dumpster. Canisters of bagless vacuums must be emptied outside
    in a dumpster and then cleaned
     All dresser and nightstand drawers must be stacked in the middle of the bedroom. Do NOT
    move the furniture into a different room. All clothing from the drawers must be removed,
    laundered, and placed into plastic bags
     All closets must be emptied and the contents stacked in the middle the bedroom. Do NOT
    move the contents into a different room. All clothing from the closets must be removed,
    laundered, and placed into plastic bags;
     No guests may stay at the residence during the treatment period, in order to avoid
    transferring bed bugs
     No furniture can be moved in or out of the residence during the treatment period, unless it
    is being moved out to be permanently destroyed

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