Go-Forth Christmas Lighting Service Agreement

Christmas Lighting Policies, Terms and Conditions

Christmas Lights by Go-Forth’s service is comprised of the design, installation, and take down of holiday decorations. All
lighting materials and decorations remain the property of Go-Forth, also known as Go-Forth Pest Control. This is a service
agreement only and no goods are being sold.

Lighting and Decorations: Christmas Lights by Go-Forth warrants the quality of our decorations and workmanship as
provided below. Should you have any problems with the decorations, we want to correct them as soon as possible. We
recommend that you turn the lights on for several hours over the first three to four evenings to test the lighting program.
This will allow us to make corrections as soon as possible in order to maximize your enjoyment of the decorations. Repairs
needed due to vandalism, extraordinary weather conditions, and customer added lights are not warranted and will be
billed as additional services.

Maintenance: Christmas Lights by Go-Forth will gladly service any non-working decorations within reason. Individual
bulbs will vary in length of operation and some will expire before others. We cannot reasonably change every bulb when it
expires, however, we can perform service when several have expired.

Billing Issues and Quality of Service: In the event that you have a question concerning our billing please contact
our office within 30 days. Otherwise, we will assume that all billings are correct. Christmas Lights by Go-Forth will provide
quality workmanship and commercial-grade materials. However, we request that all questions regarding workmanship or
materials must be addressed within 72 hours of the service, or before the next service, whichever comes first.

Terms and Conditions: A deposit may be required at the time your order is placed. Full payment for every item
and service is due according to the invoice terms on the date of service. If any credit card payment fails to process and
new credit card information is not received in our office within 30 days of any invoice, or if a check/cash is not received
within 30 days of an invoice, then a service charge of up to 2% of the amount due will be charged per month as a service
charge but in no event in excess of the maximum amount allowed at law. Customer agrees to pay any and all costs of
collection of any amounts due GO-FORTH, including attorney fees. If a service is terminated due to non-payment or late
payment, GO-FORTH may require full Annual Payment to re-instate service.

The annual renewal price may be adjusted by Go-Forth giving written notice of such adjustment in advance.

Installation and Removal: Holiday decorations shall be installed and removed at your request if possible. Service
appointments are given based upon this service agreement. All services are subject to weather conditions and demand.
Go-Forth retains sole discretion as to the timing of services and no breach occurs based on dates of service.

Limited Warranty and Limitation of Liability and Remedies: Both parties to this contract agree that in the event of
the failure or malfunction of the lighting and/or decorations provided, the sole and exclusive remedy available to
the customer shall be the refund of the cost of the services provided under this agreement or the repair or
replacement of the lighting and/or decorations, to be determined solely at the discretion of Christmas Lights by

Both parties agree that Christmas Lights by Go-Forth will not be liable for any consequential damages of any
nature caused to the property of the customer by any failure or malfunction of the lighting and/or decorations
provided under this agreement.

Both parties agree that any claim by the customer that the workmanship or materials used are defective or
nonconforming must be brought to the attention of Go-Forth in writing within 72 hours of the service and failure
to do so results in a complete and final waiver of all claims.

Early Cancellation: Should any service be terminated by the CUSTOMER prior to the end of the initial minimum
service period specified for any reason other than failure of GO-FORTH to adequately fulfill their obligations under this
contract, the CUSTOMER will be charged one half (1/2) of the remainder of the initial service period’s services. However,
if early termination is due to a move within the Go-Forth service area, the customer may “move” the remainder of the
service agreement to their new location. There may be additional cost involved with any new service. If moving out of a
Go-Forth service area, the penalty will be waived.

Go-Forth reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time without prior notification and for any reason; in such
event, Go-Forth may credit or refund payments for the current month of the cancellation as well as any payments that
have been collected for future months; however, payments for any months prior to the current month of cancellation will
not be subject to credit or refund; therefore if any payments for prior months are past due, those balances will remain due.
Arbitration: Any and all disputes that may arise between the parties shall be settled by arbitration in accordance
with state law. The arbitrator’s award shall be final and binding on all parties, and judgment may be entered by a court of
competent jurisdiction in the count of the service provider where all arbitration proceedings shall be conducted through the
dispute resolution center, or its successor.

Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and no other
representations or statements will be binding upon the parties.