Go-Forth Termite Contract No Damage – 4-11-17


A. TREATMENT (NOT RENEWABLE) If infestation is discovered and reported during the initial Agreement period, Go-Forth will upon
notification and inspection, apply proper additional treatment at no extra charge.
B. TREATMENT (RENEWABLE) During the initial Agreement period and in consideration of the continuous payment of a renewal charge to be
paid on or before the renewal date, Go-Forth will inspect the premises periodically and if infestation is found, then proper treatment will be applied at no
extra charge. (The renewal charge will be established by Go-Forth from time to time and the owner will be notified about the amount of the charge in
advance of the renewal date.)
C. NO WARRANTY: Go-Forth is not responsible for any infestation or damage of any kind at any time.


1. The owner agrees to fully co-operate with Go-Forth and to maintain the premises treated free from any factor limiting inspection or conducive to
infestation, including but not limited to wood, trash or other debris, moisture or wood and soil contact, rigid foam insulation or other insulation, or the
moving of treated soil. No reinfestation to any portion of the premises will be the responsibility of Go-Forth when any of these conditions exist.
2. Owner agrees any additions or alterations to the premises will void any Agreement option unless owner notifies Go-Forth and any necessary
additional work is performed by Go-Forth at an additional cost to the owner. Any other changes in the condition of the described property, which
increases the risk of infestation by subterranean termites, may necessitate the installation of inspection panels or access openings to treating areas. These
openings are not included in this agreement and the OWNER upon request of Go-Forth shall provide them. OWNER also agrees to bear the expense of
having all cellulose debris removed from the crawl spaces of the described property.
3. The OWNER must allow GO-FORTH access to the property for re-inspection, re-treatment, whether the work to be performed was a request of the
OWNER or considered necessary by GO-FORTH. Failure to provide access immediately voids any and all Agreements.
4. GO-FORTH is not responsible for any infestations and/or damage in areas of the property that are inaccessible for inspection or is a direct result
from termites gaining access through areas inaccessible to inspection at the time of the initial inspection or at any subsequent inspections (including, but
not limited to, locked areas, areas obstructed by standing water or other impediments to inspection, or low areas with inadequate clearance), regardless
of whether or not such areas are documented on this service agreement or any other documents. It is not GO-FORTH’s responsibility to make access to
such areas; it is the homeowner’s responsibility to make ready access to all areas of the structure at GO-FORTH’s request at any point while the property
is under warranty.
5. Any claim under this agreement must be made to Go-Forth during the contract term or any extension thereof. Go-Forth is only obligated to make
retreatments under this agreement if a valid claim is made during the contract term, including any extension thereof.
6. Damage may presently exist in hidden areas of the premises. Go-Forth does not warrant that any damage discovered by visual inspection (and
which is indicated on the diagram) is all such damage, which presently exists. Go-Forth is not responsible for presently existing damage in areas which
cannot reasonable be visibly inspected at the time of this agreement.
7. Representatives of Go-Forth are not authorized to make or provide any agreements other than those agreements set forth in this contract. Oral

statements made by a representative do not constitute warranties. This agreement (and any attached documents) is the entire agreement between Go-
Forth and the Owner and any changes shall be effective only after such changes have been reduced to writing and signed by both Go-Forth and the

8. This contract is not assignable by owner without the written consent of Go-Forth.
9. Go-Forth’s liability under this agreement will be terminated if Go-Forth is prevented from fulfilling its responsibilities under the terms of this
agreement by reason of delays in transportation, shortages of fuel and/or materials, strikes, embargoes, fires, floods, quarantine restrictions, earthquakes,
hurricanes, or any other act of God or circumstances or cause beyond the control of Go-Forth.
10. This agreement does not provide coverage for drywood termites (Kalotermessp., Incisitermessp., Cryptotermes sp.)Formosan termites
(Coptotermes sp.), or any other wood destroying organisms except Eastern Subterranean Termites (Reticulitermes sp., Heterotermes sp.) as stated
11. Notwithstanding any applicable Agreement option, Owner agrees that the sole and exclusive remedy against Go-Forth for breach of this contract or
as a result of any actions of Go-Forth shall be retreatment of active infested areas only and in no event shall Go-Forth be responsible for incidental or
consequential damages, including without limitation, loss of time, lost sales, liability of Owner with respect to any other persons or any other type or
form of consequential damage or economic loss.
12. Go-Forth performs its services in accordance with the requirements of federal, state and local law. In the event of a change in existing law as it
pertains to the services promised herein, Go-Forth reserves the right to revise the annual extension charge or terminate this agreement.
13. If payment of any amounts due Go-Forth is not paid within 10 days from the date of any invoice, then a service charge of 1 1/2% of the amount due
will be charged per month as a service charge and any and all services may be terminated or suspended at Go-Forth’s discretion. Reinstatement of
terminated or suspended services may result in substantial reinstatement costs to the owner. Owner agrees to pay any and all costs of collection of any
amounts due Go-Forth, including attorney fees equal to 15% of the outstanding balance of any such amounts due.
14. If a dispute arises out of or relates to this contract or the breach thereof and if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiation, the parties agree
first to try in good faith to settle the dispute by mediation administered by an impartial mediator agreed upon by both parties before resorting to
arbitration, litigation, or some other dispute resolution procedure.
It is agreed between the OWNER and GO-FORTH that any controversy or dispute between them relating to:(1) any treatment or service rendered by or
allegedly required to be rendered by GO-FORTH, or(2) the enforcement of or any claim pertaining to the contents of this report’s provisions shall be
settled and resolved exclusively by arbitration. It is further agreed by both parties that said arbitration shall be controlled by and conducted under the
provisions of the North Carolina Uniform Arbitration Act, North Carolina General Statutes 1-567.1 through 1-5667.20, as said statutes may be amended
or replaced from time to time, and said North Carolina statutes are hereby incorporated into this report’s provisions by reference as it fully set forth
herein. It is further agreed that there shall be a total of three (3) arbitrators, one to be chosen by the OWNER, one by GO-FORTH, and a third by the
first two arbitrators. It is also agreed that the arbitrators shall render their written award of decision within thirty days after conclusion of the arbitration
15. GO-FORTH reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time without prior notification and for any reason; in such event, GO-FORTH
may credit or refund payments for the current month of the cancellation as well as any payments that have been collected for future months; however,
payments for any months prior to the current month of cancellation will not be subject to credit or refund; therefore if any payments for prior months are
past due, those balances will remain due.