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Silverfish – Pest Library


The silverfish is a small, wingless insect which their size ranges from a quarter to half an inch long. They have a very long body and possess three pairs of legs. They look a lot like a small fish because of their body shape and small scales on it. Some silverfish have small, almost microscopic eyes while a few species are completely blind. These tiny creatures can survive up to a whole year without food, so trying to eliminate them through starvation is not the wisest option. The average life span of the silver fish is four years and can lay their eggs year round. Having a few silverfish around the home is not that threatening but these number can quickly multiply, causing serious damage to belongings.  


The silverfish are very adaptable and can survive in almost every habitat. They do tend to gravitate towards areas with high humidity and will live in areas with a lot of moisture. Silverfish are very hard to exterminate because they move around at night, and are extremely fast when they do so. Silverfish love to feed on books and clothing, their favorite snack is the glue that binds the book together. When silverfish feed on an object they leave a small hole, which also accompanies a yellow stain. Signs of a silverfish infestation include tiny holes in wallpaper, damage to spines of books, scratches on pictures and holes in cardboard boxes or wooden compartments. Once they find a good home they will stay there until the food runs out.

Elimination or Control

In order to prevent silverfish from coming into your home it is necessary to follow these precautions: turn on bathroom fan while showering, open vents and small compartments in basement, invest in a dehumidifier and get rid of wet debris found around your home. Silverfish may be taken care of by setting up traps and some natural remedies. You can use a jar or newspaper to set up these traps, then place them strategically where most of the silverfish congregate. A few natural remedies you can use against the silverfish are spices such as bay or cloves, mothballs, organic citrus sprays, cucumber slices and lavender oil. A few areas to put these pest control products in are in window frames, basements, attics, in cabinets or pantries, and around garbage cans. Deal with these pests early on so they will not spread, causing serious problems in the future.

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