Ant Control in Winston-Salem

ant-control-winston-salemOur ant control services in the Winston-Salem area are an effective solution to get rid of your ants in a quick and effective way. Ant control treatments are usually done outside your home, since that’s where they’re coming from, we treat your backyard and all around your home like doors, windows, any cracks we may find. Once they find a food source, ants will leave a pheromone trail for other ants to follow, ants usually seek water or sweet food.

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Ants or Termites?

Many people can’t distinguish between ants and termites, here is a little tip to identify between the two. You have to look at their antennas, ant antennas are bent whereas termite antennas are straight.

Ant Exterminator in Winston-Salem

Ants possess several features that make them particularly difficult to destroy. Ants live in colonies, and the extermination process of ants must involve the elimination of entire colonies. Our team of ant exterminators provides indoor and environmental ant control services.
Ants live in colonies, and a colony can be made up of over 500,000 ants. When ants invade an environment, they look for a suitable location to build a colony and make it their home. From the colony, the different groups perform their duties causing destruction and spreading diseases.


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