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Summer is here and fleas are a common nuisance, if you have a problem with fleas in your Winston Salem home, Go-Forth is Here to help, our exterminator company has been in the Winston-Salem area since 1959, our pest control plans will get rid of your unwanted pest in a fast and effective way, all of our chemicals are pet and kit friendly, besides fleas we can also help you with these other pests too: Mosquitoes, Termites, Ants, Roaches, Rodents.

Flea Control Since 1959

Our pest control company has been dealing with fleas infestations since 1959, our experience have taught us to deal with all type of flea situations, rest assure you’re dealing with a flea control and pest control company with extensive experience at flea extermination.

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Our flea control and pest control company is one of the most well reviewed exterminator companies in the Winston Salem area. Our company is also member of national, city and state pest management organizations and well as member of the BBB.

Flea Exterminator in Winston-Salem

Fleas are very important household pests. Fleas are pests that feed on the blood of pets such as dogs and cats and humans. Fleas can transmit diseases and cause skin irritations and allergies for animals and humans. Fleas are common household pests in the US. Our professional flea extermination service ensures that household and environmental fleas are eradicated. Our team of flea exterminators also prevent future flea infestations. Fleas come into homes through pets and other household pests like rats. They live on the hairs of these animals. Although fleas are wingless, they can jump for long distances from one host to another.
The eradication process of fleas involves inspection, identification, eradication, and prevention of subsequent infestation. Flea infestations are commonly inferred from scratching pets. When the adult flea takes a blood meal on a pet, the pet shows the discomfort by scratching.

Fleas can be picked from the environment by pets and introduced into homes. Adult female fleas lay eggs that go through a process of metamorphosis to become adults and attach to suitable hosts. The eggs are laid on the skin and fur of humans and animals, and they fall off as the host moves around dispersing the eggs around the home. Some of the most common places where flea eggs are found include pet beddings, rugs, and carpets. Flea eggs can also be found in the hiding places of other household pests that act as their hosts.
Our team carries out a thorough inspection process to identify possible breeding places for fleas. Fleas can stay in the developmental phase for long periods until they find a suitable host, and so a proper eradication process involves total eradication of all developmental forms of fleas.

Adult fleas can be easily identified on the hair of household pets. Most of these pets pick up the fleas from surrounding environments. Our flea extermination team observes home surroundings for fleas and include environmental treatment methods as needed. Chemical methods are mostly used for the environmental control of fleas.
Household pests are also suitable hosts for fleas. During the extermination process, our professional exterminators ensure that places of entry of household pests which could be hosts for fleas are detected. Measures to prevent these pests from entering homes are also implemented.

Fleas in homes can transmit diseases such as typhus and plague. As they suck the blood of their host, they deposit causative agents of these diseases. Our team of exterminators ensures that adult fleas in homes are controlled to prevent an outbreak of these diseases. Skin allergies are also consequences of flea bites.
The processes we employ are aimed at targeting the egg, larva, pupa, and adult forms of fleas. Our flea control method includes physical, chemical, and biological causing. Because pets are hosts of fleas, we advise that pets are treated during a flea extermination process.
Our professional flea exterminators also educate clients on measures to keep the fleas out forever. We also carry out follow-up visits to ensure that the homes of our clients remain in the best flea-proof form.

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